Visa MasterCard Information Campaign

Visa, MasterCard, and Discovers Unequal Treatment of Sex Workers

Global workers throughout the industry are finding out that sites connected to MindGeek including PornHub and ModelHub, are no longer accepting payment.

This change is due to Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cancelling payment to MindGeek based on misleading reporting by the New York Times. Although several news organizations (Vice, RollingStone) have come out in defense of the consensual sex workers affected, we must work to elevate our voices and stop the disproportionate treatment of sex workers by these corporations.

AILAA members are working hard to contact, inform, and educate news organizations and political representative to share our stories. You can help by sharing how you have been impacted by these changes using the form below, and by reaching out to representatives, and these companies on twitter.

We ask that industry members remain thoughtful regarding the information they share during this time.

We must unmask the misleading report from the New York Times, who worked closely with an extremist abolitionist hate group to publish their article as part of their crusade to ban porn according to that group.  The deceptive reporting by New York Times does not mention that adult industry websites are the best online for combatting non-consensual sexual content and Child Sexual Assault Material or CSAM. Porn sites also have far less CSAM than non-industry websites who allow user generated content such as Facebook.

Industry workers should avoid sharing unfounded, or speculative information about sites affected. This type of information only serves to support this hate groups goals.

Our goal, and the industry focus should be to stop the unequal and unfair treatment of sex workers by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover by sharing our stories, and contacting representatives. 

What should I say to my representative?

Personal stories are always powerful when communicating with your representatives. Talk about how your income, life, or mental health has been impacted by this change. 

It is important to focus on the following so that people do not get the wrong impression (again) about our industry and will fight for us!

  1. The issue at hand is the unequal treatment of consensual sex workers by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Treatment that specifically targets sex workers unfairly. 
  2. Rhetoric from extremist abolitionist hate groups has misled political representatives, news, and even industry organizations. Adult industry websites are better than non-industry websites at combating non-consensual sexual content and CSAM. Non-industry websites that accept user generated content have far bigger problems with non-consensual and CSAM content. 
  3. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover’s changes do nothing to stop CSAM or non-consensual content. The result of these changes can only harm consensual sex workers. 

Thank you for speaking out and helping amplify our voices!