About Us

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Who we are

AILAA began with a founding membership of 12 independent entertainers representing many parts of the industry including adult live streamers, artists, full service sex workers, and online content creators devoted to representing all industry workers. AILAA is an organization of individual workers and none of our members or founders are paid for their involvement. 

Our mission

Our mission is to organize the diverse community of online content creators, sex workers, and online streamers to represent their concerns to organizations and lawmakers, and present our solutions to the possible negative impacts legislation in California and beyond.

AILAA's founding board members

We’re working on being transparent about our founding leaders while ensuring we aren’t using AILAA for our personal promotion.

Our goal is that we’d like this effort to be driven by the members, not the leadership. If you have any concerns or want to contact a member of the board, please email info@ailaa.org

Asiri Ocean

“Cam model and content creator since 2015. My goal is to aid the progress of de-stigmatization of sex work”

Bambii Bonsai

“I’ve been doing sex work for over three years- I’m a cam girl, content creator, and an entertainer with the goal of bringing equality to all sex workers.”

Barbi Crystal

“My roots as a sex worker started when I became a cam girl in mid 2017. I held such a passion for it that I even branched out as a content creator among many other things. In the last 6 months I even began as a pro porn performer. I am now glad to advocate for my community.”

Charlotte Hall

“I’ve been a cam model and content creator on-and-off since March 2015, and I’m very grateful for the freedom and flexibility that sex work has given me through various phases of my life. It’s important to me to help preserve that same flexibility for all CA sex workers, streamers, and content creators.”

Dirty Drizzy

“Four year Cam guy and Content Creator. Environmental Awareness, Educational Equality, Peace and Love.”

Ginger Little

“I have been a live streamer and content creator since late 2015. I’ve watched our industry change over the years, and am happy to have an opportunity to advocate for changes that we want as a community.”

Lynn Landra

“I’m a sex worker and an author, who believes we’re all in this together.”

Mary Moody

“I’ve been a part of the adult industry since early 2016 as a live streamer and content creator. I’ve always had a passion for this industry and feel honored to have the opportunity to advocate for it.”

Noah Bensi

“AILAA is exactly what this industry needs and I’m so proud to be an advocate of it from its beginning. Over the past 5 years the amount of change I’ve seen has been over-whelming. We need a voice to make very needed progress and change and I believe this can be the beginning of a strong voice going forward”

Razzle Dazzle Emma

“I received my MSW in 2019 with a passion of advocacy and making changes in the adult industry. I have been in the industry since 2012 as a dancer and live streamer. I hope we can support all parts of this industry to make a difference.”