Adult Industry Laborers and Artists Association

AILAA the Adult Industry Laborers and Artists Association is a grassroots organization of adult industry workers. 

Our mission is to organize the diverse community of online content creators, sex workers, and online streamers to represent their concerns to organizations and present our solutions to lawmakers.

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Banks and credit card companies financial discrimination of sex workers resulting in OnlyFans adult content ban.

OnlyFans announced it would be banning all explicit content on its platform, then a few days later annouced it would be suspending that action. 

Right now it is not clear what OnlyFans eventual changes will look like. 

What is clear, is that this ordeal has unmasked bank and credit card companies financial discrimination of sex workers. It has also revealed that banks and credit card companies have been trusting anti-porn religious groups to advise them on creating these policies, while ignorning sex workers.

We cannot let JP Morgan Chase and MasterCard continue to silence sex workers. They must bring sex workers, human rights organizations and sex worker led oranizations to the table. 

Credit card companies like MasterCard have created onerous policies that do nothing to end non consensual content or CSAM but only harm sex workers. 

Banks like JP Morgan Chase perpetually de-bank sex workers, making it difficult for this marginalized group to find financial security. 

There are many other ways that financial institutions harm marginalized sex workers, the issue is systemic and by challenging those systems we can reduce harm. 

Visa and MasterCard's unequal sex worker payment ban, and SISEA.

Currently we are working to inform representatives about Visa and MasterCard’s sex worker payment ban. Visa and MasterCard have targeted adult industry workers in a discriminatory fashion disproportionately impacting marginalized groups. If you’re interested in informing your representatives, you can visit this page to contact and inform representatives right now

While we recently were contacting representatives about SISEA, we are waiting for Senator Merkley to reintroduce the bill which he intends to do, despite knowing that it will likely be harmful to sex workers. 

This statement from industry trade association Free Speech Coalition is a great resources for understanding the impact of SISEA. Once we know more about what a revised SISEA looks like, there will be more information about this bill. 

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